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Xynyth Manufacturing Ice Melt Arctic Eco 22 Lb Bag 200-60021
Our Sale Price$12.08

A powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surface it is applied to and harmless around children and pets. A special multi-layer coating process was developed to make each ice melter granule powerful, effective and yet gentle on the environment. Starts working immediately upon application. Melts ice to -29 degrees C (20 degrees F). May be applied at the beginning of a storm to prevent hard ice accumulations. Contains no urea and is safe to groundwater systems. Urea contains nitrogen, which breaks down to ammonia and is toxic to fish at very low concentrations. Safe to handle in spreading the ice melter. Gloves are optional. Sodium chloride multi coated in CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) then coated in Potassium Ace 1tate with green dye (environmentally friendly dye). GRANULES


Size Lb=22

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