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F.D & Sons Hardware is a store in the northwest corner of Detroit Michigan. First opened in 1946 as a feed store, Frank Dronkowski and his two sons Carl and Clarence, sold grain, chicken feed, and other items that related to the farm they owned north of the city. Located on Grand River Avenue just three blocks west of Telegraph Road, the old Detroit street car tracks ended just across the street. As both the city and the store advanced through the years, farm fresh eggs, horse meat for dog food were replaced with fencing and hardware.

Years later the store became one of the original members in a national hardware co-op, and did business primarily in the name of that company. A few years ago that relationship ended. Time marches on.

F.D. & Sons Hardware is a Detroit Tradition.

At one time, there was two or three hardware stores almost every mile along Grand River Avenue. This store was one of the four hardware stores located in just one half mile. Today there are only three or four hardware stores along the entire length of Grand River Avenue in the City of Detroit. Time continues to march on. Many things have changed in this neighborhood since 1946.

What was once a rural and distant end of the tracks area became a thriving suburb, and has now grown into a matured neighborhood of older homes with huge beautiful trees lining the streets. Helping a customer who remembers our store from their childhood is a great reminder of the tradition of serving the community that has been built over all these years.

And those same traditions of individual service, standing behind our products, offering knowledgeable advice, and dealing with people honestly and respectfully are the same as the first day this store opened.

Those traditions are the reason this store has lasted through the years, and we believe those traditions will carry us many years forward into the future.

You can contact us by phone (toll-free) at 866-612-5454


Visit us in person at F.D. & Sons Hardware

24313 Grand River Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48219

Our business hours are 9:00AM till 6:00PM (EST)

Monday through Friday

9:00AM till 5:00PM on Saturdays

And 10:00AM till 3:00PM on Sundays


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